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X-13 Trading is a trading organization that utilizes the full archived intellect of Xeris XIII’s 5+ years of experience in live currency & index markets. From back testing, strategies, prior mentors & live market trading. Xeris XIII breaks down all the necessary aspects specializing in trading psychological development. This organization is made for both entirely new traders, Intermediate experienced traders who are struggling to be consistently profitable if at all. As well as a common place for highly skilled funded & large capital traders. With for traders by traders mentality 1st. This organization offers the simplest & most effective way in profitable trading.


  • Drew Helf

    I became a member of this community June 2023 & since then my mindset evolved into something greater than I could ever imagine before. Some of these include: a strong sense of discipline, an appetite for physical, spiritual, & mental strength. With the shared vision of our community, I have no doubt that anyone who joins us will come out of this program an higher version of themselves.

  • Frandy Saint-Louis

    I started X-13 Trading Feb. 2024 I was a little skeptical at first just as I got into trading for about 2-3 years just couldn’t get it right. I meet Xeris, We had a conversation about Trading & deep dived into psychology which is the key important factor to trading. It is group where you are able to feel comfortable with each other like a family. He made me think about life in different perspective and help you achieve & become your higher self. I’m confident in his teachings & as a mentor & person that this can change your outlook on life & trading.

  • Tariq Williams

    It took less than an hour talking to Xeris XIII to open my eyes so much that 'til this day. I witnessed this man pass two 100k funded challenges & more. One thing specifically I learned from X is to create the "anti" you, per se. Create a pair of shoes you have to fill.


Xeris XIII is a trader from Tampa FL, who is happily married & trades for freedom, financial prosperity & to inspire others. With his origins stemming from the music industry, he gradually converted into a higher passion for day trading & mentoring others to assist into breaking out of the financial “rat race” that so many people place. In his spare time he does workouts & meditation to build his body & mind. With a particular interest in cars, boats & travel. He created the company X-13 Trading to mentor, teach & create an exclusive common place for those new to trading & experienced profitable traders.
“We focus heavily on psychology, energy, the future version of themselves that the trader wants too become in every aspect & building a blue print for that with each individual trader. Every person has a unique past, present & future. With a mixture of 1 on 1 mentorship and supportive discord community, this is the absolute best mentorship program for any trader at any skill level.”

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